Electric Elements Wasaga Beach

Electric Elements  (Wasaga Beach)

So the line up of DJ's / Entertainers were fantastic, the line up for partiers was around the corner, the music was pumping and the weather was a amazing for this 16+ event.

Electric Beach party at Wasaga  Beach 


Live Nation's 21 year anniversary at Molson Amphitheatre


May 28th, 2015



Wow what a great celebration.

Electric Circus Much Music

Electric Circus (Much Music)

 back in 1996-2003 I was an Entertainer/Dancer on Electric Circus (Much Music), Much Music Video Awards MMVA's, WinterLude EC, and Wonderland EC. those were some of my favourite days of being a kid.

A roller coaster ride open house

I love great ideas and interesting ideas so here is one for you.

A roller coaster ride through an open house.


Justin Timberlake And Jessica's new baby

Here is that photo

Justin Timberlake and His wife Jessica Biel Decide to Instagram  a photo of their new baby Silas Randell Timberlake.

Lead Singer of ,NSYNC Justin Timberlake and mega Actress Jessica Biel


Kenny Rogers April 11th, 2015 At Casino Rama VIP Style


Kenny Rogers at his best

This is one of the most amazing concerts I had ever been to, Kenny Rogers is a Legend. ***** 5 Stars

He dosen't dance, But boy can he sing, His comedy routine had everyone laughing in their seats. A few guest even got up dancing during his songs.

Brampton A's Basket Ball team

Brampton A's what a hard working Basket Ball team they made it to the finals and we had the pleasure of playing the music for them.

There were a few tense moments where they were tied.

But these young Talented Team players worked hard and won the game both times.

April 1st 2015

Super Kick'd Wrestling

Super Kick'd Wrestling 2015

***** 5 Stars 

A must see show!


Sapphire Dancers at world pride 2014 Toronto

The Shaphire dancers ***** 5 Stars

Performing here at World Pride 2014

This Group of Professional Dancers have worked together for a few years now, they dance with Passion , Heart and Everything they have.

Its a must watch show. I have seen a couple of there different performances over the years and there coustumes and ideas are great.

Above photo is Kate, Sarah, Ashley and Shelley.

Much Music Video Awards 2014

Much Music Video Awards 2014 ***** 5 Star

I love the MMVA's I keep coming back every year when im not on tour.

I wasn't even going to come to this event for 2014, then something in my head said Trevor this is where it all began for you as a dancer / entertainer. 

So here I am at the best show! 

It brings me back to The Electric Circus days/ MMVA's When I use to be an entertainer on the show.


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