Much Music Video Awards 2014

Much Music Video Awards 2014 ***** 5 Star

I love the MMVA's I keep coming back every year when im not on tour.

I wasn't even going to come to this event for 2014, then something in my head said Trevor this is where it all began for you as a dancer / entertainer. 

So here I am at the best show! 

It brings me back to The Electric Circus days/ MMVA's When I use to be an entertainer on the show.

Much Music is so much apart of this city way to connect with music and inspiration for artists to keep moving forward and keep finding ways to be creative.

As you can see from above it inspires young and old to keep coming back and watch new artists and artists who have been performing for years.

They had so may amazing acts this year HedleyImagine Dragons, and Magic were amongst my Favourite.

Some of the other acts Ed Sheeran , Kiesza, Lorde, Sam RobertsThe weekend, Virginia To Vegas, Marianas Trench, Ariana Granda, Colton Haynes, and so much more guest.


I met Drew Torres ( Luke Bilyk) From Degrassi The TV show while I was on tour for my show just a few months before the MMVA's , he is a nice guy really excited to be an entertainer . So we keep bumping into each other.

Throw your hands in the air and say yea! (No thats really what I said ) :-) Above Picture

Tony Monaco (Z1035) and I met years ago on tour in the late 90s and for some reason we just kept bumping into each other. 

He is a legend in the Music and radio Industry. Its been a pleasure to have met him, his energy, creativity on and off the air will keep him in this industry for every.

click below to find out more detail about Tony Monaco

Hanging out back stage with the Boys from band Neverest, Nice group of guys they took the time to say hi and chat for a bit.

It really is exciting to be in the music industry you can feel the energy and excitement in people around you.

Check them out below for more detail about them.

Just wanted to give you the idea of what the show looked like in front and from behind!

The lighting show is so creative, they had 3 stages set up this year and wow talk about blow you away. I really haven't seen anything as cool and this. they are so oo top of there game.

Photos and Blog by Trevor LeBlanc