Electric Circus Much Music

Electric Circus (Much Music)

 back in 1996-2003 I was an Entertainer/Dancer on Electric Circus (Much Music), Much Music Video Awards MMVA's, WinterLude EC, and Wonderland EC. those were some of my favourite days of being a kid.

So I thought I would do a blog about the show as it was well known to me and my friends back in the 90s-2003. I just happened to be one of those lucky kids that had the opportunity to do what "Dance" on my favourite show.

Reciently I have found tons of video footage my mom taped on VHS from back in the day . So I think this maybe one of those never ending blogs .

It really was so exciting to be surounded by others who were excited to dance, dress up and have all these funky lights on us, with risers and camara's awesome set changes every week. Thanks for the opportunity...




So this was the process to getting on the show you would come out to Much Music Meet Nadine she would watch you dance and say yes or coming back again in another year.

So I tried out and got on after the first audition(Yes Awesome) So on fridays you would line up see if your name was on the guest list if it was you would then head to the washroom and get changed in your outfit, come out to the dance floor and the co-ordinator would place you somewhere on a raiser, dance floor etc and you would just dance and watch for the camera's if the light was red on the camera you where live on TV and at the end of the show sometimes we would be on a guest list with free drinks at a dance club. It was awesome!


Below is a CD released. Did you Buy the CD? Of course I bought it when it came out.


Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force* Planet Rock  
Hashim Al Naafyish  
Salt 'N Pepa* Push It  
Debbie Deb Look Out Weekend  
Earth Wind & Fire* Let's Groove  
Gap Band* You Dropped A Bomb On Me  
Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive  
MC Miker & DJ Sven* Holiday Rap  
Midnight Star Operator  
Trinere I'll Be All You Ever Need  
Cameo Word Up  
Evelyn Champagne King* Love Come Down  
In Deep* Last Night A DJ Saved My Life  
Grand Master Flash* It's Nasty  
Tina Charles I Love To Love You  
Andrea True Connection More, More, More  
Thelma Houston Don't Leave Me This Way  
Amii Stewart Knock On Wood  


Canada's Wonderland Electric Circus Much Music 2000 

You might catch a glimpse of me in this video.

Loved this show they put so much production into it, it felt like MMVA's there was some awesome artists performing there. and there was thousands of people watch and dancing and trying to get on TV. there we were on stage with back stage passes dancing our nights away so much fun. 

The Photo Below was my Staff Vip Pass from WinterLude 1999 In Ottawa I remember that show it was so much fun, We took a bus up and the bus was full. One of my good buddy's who is still a good friend till this date was on that Bus Marc. Everyone's out fits were awesome, Mine that year was sponsored my a company Called "Skank Clothing" it was a silver shiny  Jump suit, with a winter Christmas hat that had a blue brim instead of a red one, and on my cuffs and bottom of my pants mom put on some sequence in blue to make it brighter. It as a cold day but with all the dancing and excitement you stayed pretty warm.


(Below) Another opportunity to be all I can be as an entertainer on one of the greatest TV shows of all time Much Music Winterlude 1998. Everyone's who was anyone was there. thousands show up to celebrate and party during the cold weather in Ottawa.

(Below) A party letter all the Entertainers got for the Winterlude Party.

(Below) In 1997 I had the opportunity to Entertain on Much Music Video Awards that was confidence booster, I didn't realize that I was going to end up being an entertainer for a living , so in the long run I believe the opportunity to entertain on the MMVA's was amazing and help me be a better entertainer. Thanks for chance Moses, Dianne, Nadine and the rest of the crew. 


(Below) I found some footage from 1999 of me, my buddy Peter and Pebbles on Electric Circus on Much Music.

Some of my Favourite Performers: 

The Hosts:

Is there any dancers, entertainers still entertaining after EC if you are please comment below tell us what your doing and leave us your website.

There is more to come...........

Please leave your comments and experiences in the comment section below.


Thank you Wikipedia for some of the information above.