Sapphire Dancers at world pride 2014 Toronto

The Shaphire dancers ***** 5 Stars

Performing here at World Pride 2014

This Group of Professional Dancers have worked together for a few years now, they dance with Passion , Heart and Everything they have.

Its a must watch show. I have seen a couple of there different performances over the years and there coustumes and ideas are great.

Above photo is Kate, Sarah, Ashley and Shelley.

It always a pleasure to see them. Kind and Humble but excited and eager to learn more. 

 follow them on line

Above Photo is Shelley, Adam, Ashley, Kate, Sarah and Hannah.

I had the opportunity to work with Kate (Owner/choreographer/dancer)) Ashley (choreographer/dancer) Hannah (choreographer/dancer), Adam (choreographer/dancer) Shelley (choreographer/dancer), and Sarah (choreographer/dancer), travel with, and become good friends with and let me tell you I wouldnt have it any other way.

I feel like I have personally grown, Just by working along side of them, There passion for dance have inspired me to be better and keep moving forward.

Thanks for all the great memories Guys.

Above dancers in the video are Sean, Shelley, Sarah, Ashley, Kate and Alexis.

They inspired me to come up with the slogan "Eat Sleep Dance Repeat"

Above photo is Adam M

Photos & Blog By Trevor L