Super Kick'd Wrestling

Super Kick'd Wrestling 2015

***** 5 Stars 

A must see show!


When it comes to professional these guys have figured it out, trained professionals, from the outfits - the moves - the intros, the light show and the comedy they kept me and my buddies focused on the ring. They even had an intermission where you got to meet and greet some of the wrestlers and pick up posters etc, the kids and adults loved that.

If you bought a VIP pass you even got to meet and spend extra time with wrestlers before the show.

The price is right as well. Beer is cold :-) and the fans are really into it.

I remember watching wrestling when I was a little boy at the SkyDome (Roger Centre) and Maple Leaf Gardens, in fact me and my brother got a job at Maple Leaf Gardens selling ice cream bars so we could watch the shows for free, it was amazing. For me the only difference between there the WWF (WWE) shows and Super KIck'D is the size of the venue.

Your so close to the action with Super Kick'd , You always have front row seating . Its a must see show.

Fun for the whole family. Music, Excitement, and good laughs. 

We have had the pleasure to work with some of the most professional wrestlers during these events, great people.

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Lighting, Smoke machines , moving heads.

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